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More Gang Violence in Lake Worth This Weekend

Welcome to South Central Lake Worth, Gateway to the Top-6.

Within a week, three separate stabbing incidents have been reported in Lake Worth, two of them in a southern neighborhood downtown. This weekend, a man was killed at a residence on South E Street in what police are speculating was a gang-related fight.

Ramon Baltazar, 31, died from repeated stab wounds. Another man, Manuel Diaz, 19, was airlifted to Delray Medical Center suffering deep abdominal stab wounds. A third, Santiago Diaz, was treated at the scene for cuts to his finger. Police speculate that as many as ten people may have been involved in the fight.

Just the previous Saturday, another man had been gravely injured on South F Street when he was attacked near daybreak by three men wielding what may have been broken bottles. He was stabbed in the arm and throat and was also airlifted to Delray Medical Center, where he was in serious but stable condition.

That same weekend, four men were stabbed during a rapper's brawl at Club Mirage on Lake Worth Road.

There's no word yet on whether any of these incidents will spin off their own sitcoms on the History Channel.

 ***And just for the record: September 25th: Man shot in robbery on North L Street. September 19th: Rival rappers stabbed outside Club Mirage on Lake Worth Road. August 29th: Three dead in shooting on South L Street (not gang related). August 25th: Home invasion on Gulfstream Road. Robbers armed with AK-47. August 24th: Fatal Gang related stabbing at El Loco nightclub on 10th Avenue North. August 23rd: Man stabbed with box cutter in Bryant Park. August 17th: Man fatally stabbed by roommate on 2nd Ave. North.

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