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More Gems of Wisdom From Gold Digger Baje Fletcher

​Earlier this week, we introduced you to Baje Fletcher, a self-proclaimed gold digger who spent a year travailing South Florida and got herself a house, a Bentley, a college degree, and enough purses to fill another SATC sequel. "Guys are always using women for sex, so why shouldn't women use guys for what we want?" asked Fletcher (Juice devotees will note that, during the interview, she sat in Tom Francis' swivel chair). We shared with you her favorite places to find men with thick wallets; now, here's her wisdom on what to do once you're past the velvet ropes:

"I have a male's mentality. Guys open up to me. They have so much game, and women fall for it all the time."

"My whole life is tests with guys. A lot of women are afraid to ask for gas money. I'll take separate cars and call him and say I have to stop for gas and see if he pays for it."


"I like to hit up investors, because they can show me different ways of making my money grow. There was a sports investor who told me that professional athletes go broke within eight years of accumulating their wealth."

"A lot of industry athletes -- two in particular come to mind -- won't give money to women. It's trickin'."

"There was one really rich man -- like, $20-million-yacht rich -- right before I left Miami who was convinced I was the one, who said he wanted to get married. After holding out [sex] for three months, he was gone."

"I've never had my heart broken. I've never been in love that deep."

"I miss the guys here. They're open-minded and into exotic women, probably because so many of them are from overseas. In Europe, they treat women better."

"The sky's the limit. I'm in no rush. I get bored easily. I've seen all types of guys, and I don't think a lot of guys can fulfill me."

"Having my book out there doesn't keep me from getting things from men. They come up to me and want to talk about it. I give them my business card, which says everything on it. But each guy thinks he's going to be different, the one that I fall for and that changes everything."

"You have to have a bigger goal. For one woman, the goal might be to get a Benz. But the Benz should just be a step, like, I want to get the Benz so that I can fit into this business world."

"I want to get a degree from Harvard, just to say I have it. And start a shelter for battered women and youth."

"It's goal digging, not gold digging, because you take the time to write out the goals you want to get from this. My short-term goal is to take this overseas. Long-term goal... Get everything I want in the next five years."

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