More Management Changes At PB Post

This Palm Beach Post memo from the newspaper's content czar Tim Burke was posted in a comment below; thought it was worth putting out here. The most interesting thing about it is the new lexicon hitting newspaper management these days. "Content Editor" and "Presentation Editor" are two fairly new ones (congrats to Nick Moschella and Jan Tuckwood, btw). Also, what is a "Man Panel veneer"?


As highlighted during last week's meeting, we're going to begin/resume our reorganization by aligning the newsroom into Content, Presentation and Production teams. This will be the foundation from which we fully integrate our digital and print operations and grow our respective audiences.

Nick Moschella will become our Content Editor, Jan Tuckwood our Presentation Editor and Holly Baltz our Production Editor.

Nick is a creative and innovative editor who is neither traditional nor predictable. Behind that Man Panel veneer, he is an excellent, curious journalist who has guided one of the top sports sections in the country.

Jan will continue as director of new products but will add the presentation role to her duties. We have talented designers around the building, and I know Jan is eager to further tap into their abilities to create the most engaging, creative products around.

Holly, who currently oversees our Tallahassee and Treasure Coast coverage, is a forward-thinker who understands the digital future (Death Row package comes to mind), but whose past as a news editor will help us bridge that gap between print and online. Holly will work closely with Rick Robb and Clay Clifton to determine the best way to put out a paper and a Web site at the same time.

Nick, Jan and Holly will report to me, but they will not do this alone. In the coming days and weeks, they will be reaching out to you to solicit your ideas about how to put the pieces together under Content, Presentation and Production. You have the green light to be bold, so let's break new ground and reinvent ourselves.

Nick, Jan and Holly will assume their new roles effective May 4; however, as I have begun to do these past few days, they will begin to transition into their new jobs as well.

Questions in the meantime? Please look me up on the second or fourth floors.


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