More Nudes In the News: 12 Palm Beach Artists Take It Off

Nudie calendars are raining down on us just in time for the new year, and the pinups are not exactly conventional. Old ladies, environmentalists, and now artists have all bared their buns -- or at least discrete portions of them -- for good causes.

We have word from Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery at 605 Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth that their own entry into the fray is just in, hot off the presses and available at the studio for $19. As with other examples of the genre, they can't keep the cheesecake in stock: Photographer Durga Garcia says that the studio has already sold 600 of the 1,000 calendars printed. "I just got a text message [from gallery owner Joyce Brown] that they are flying off the shelves." Garcia says.

And in an odd twist, in many of the photos, the artists resemble their own artwork to an alarming degree.

"A couple of people have noticed that," laughs Garcia. "But it wasn't really intentional. It's kinda like people who look like their dogs." Profits from the calendars will go to support the nonprofit that runs the gallery.

The studio's calendar follows hot on the heels of last week's debut, a Key West "Women Sustaining the Earth" calendar featuring women over 45. We're still waiting for one featuring nude South Florida Ponzi schemers.

And in other news of the naked, yet another reason to look forward to the new year: Playboy's Miss January is an ex-Boca Raton cop.

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