The Dippolitos in happier times.
The Dippolitos in happier times.
Courtesy of the Boynton Beach Police Department

More Questions About Michael Dippolito's Finances

In between professing love for her California boyfriend and plotting ways to have her husband arrested, phone records show that Dalia Dippolito made some interesting allegations about Michael Dippolito's finances.

She told her boyfriend via text messages that Michael, who was on probation for telemarketing fraud and owed about $191,000 in restitution to his victims, could still afford to buy a Porsche, along with a mortgage-free, $225,000 townhouse.

Michael also paid $4,000 for a suite at an unnamed sports game in Miami last July, Dalia said.

"Tell them about how he was in Miami two Sundays ago for the game and he spent 4k on the suite, and invited someone who is also on probation," Dalia wrote to her boyfriend on July 28.

"Hes not supposed to be in Dade w out permission and not supposd to be hangn w people on probation."

Credit card records would prove Michael was at the game, Dalia added later.

Of course, any allegations made by a woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband should be taken with a gallon of salt. Dalia, a professional escort who went by multiple names and spoke casually of planting ecstasy and cocaine in Michael's car, clearly had no qualms about bending the truth to send Michael to jail.

"lets get this mother fucker arrested im so tried of his shit," she wrote to her boyfriend. "If hes lockd up I know he wont hurt my family."

Yet Dalia had a point about Michael's financial dealings. It's unclear why he could afford his house, fancy cars, and the more than $200,000 he told police that Dalia stole from him but could not pay his restitution. One of his fraud victims, who invested $20,000 in Dippolito's foreign currency scam, receives restitution checks for only $8 or $10 a month.

Michael Dippolito's probation officer has declined to comment on the case. The Juice left a voice-mail for Dippolito's atttorney, Guy Fronstin, this morning. We'll update when he responds.

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