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More Questions About Mystery Man Running for Broward Sheriff

Although the 2016 race for Broward sheriff isn't likely to be all that dramatic when voter finally head to the polls, there's a sideshow to the main event that just seems to be getting weirder and weirder. This centers on Edison Jules, the nominal challenger who's filed the official paperwork to run for incumbent Scott Israel's job. As we reported earlier this month, Jules is... well... just one big question mark.

The Ohio native claims to have worked for a small-town police department in the Buckeye State. Which department that is led to a number of questions about whether Jules' experience — if he has any — really would serve as good experience as the top man in one of the country's largest sheriff departments. But questions of experience dog all would-be challengers. What's weird about Jules' campaign is no one seems to know anything about the guy. 

So far, the candidate hasn't answered reporters' questions, including our own. As such, Jules has become a target for Broward bloggers, who've turned up more interesting info on the would-be lawman. 

Props to Red Broward for sniffing out the particulars. The blogger's first revelation is tied to Katherine Antequera, the woman listed as campaign treasurer on Broward County documents filed for Jules' run. Antequera did not reply to calls or emails about the campaign. But Red Broward found a Model Mayhem account tied to an individual with the same name — a self-described "plus size commercial and hair model" out of New York City. 

Red Broward's next Jules-related revelation: Broward County campaign documents list Jules to a Plantation address, the same address listed by Antequera. The blogger, however, turned up voter registration documents from January 2015 that list the same address as Jules' mailing address but a Sunrise address as his home. The Sunrise home is for sale, according to Red Broward. The blogger even stopped by to see if anyone was home: 

When REDBROWARD visited, no one answered the door but dogs were barking.

A neighbor told REDBROWARD that several people have lived there over the last six months. The neighbor said he believes “A Mayor from Jamaica” lives there.

So we have a possible small-town Ohio cop whose campaign is being run by a New York City plus-sized model who gets his mail in Plantation and lays his head in a shambling Sunrise home that's for sale... plus, this is a guy with no known connections in the county. Continues to smell fishier than a Red Lobster on a hot summer day.

Either Jules is a quixotic long-shot dreamer or someone is punking Broward County's political world. 
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Kyle Swenson
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