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More School Board Investigation? Bring It On

Well, the state's education commissioner is sending an inspector general down to Broward County to look at the dysfunctional and corrupt embattled School Board.

Let's hope they find a way to clean house.

The state is involved thanks to the grand jury's ripping of the School Board. Supt. Jim Notter, who as if to prove just how out of touch and arrogant these board morons really are is apparently planning to stay on in his position, sent Education Commissioner Eric Smith an "action plan" on how to address the situation. Basically Notter pointed at recommendations made by the Three Stooges Integrity Commission (Jack Seiler, Bob Butterworth, and George Allen) to try to whitewash bring accountability to the board's actions.

Notter failed to point out that Allen, a School Board lobbyist, is so concerned about corruption in Broward County that's he's helping to raise money for criminally charged former Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin so she can try to get an acquittal. 

Even without knowing that tidbit, Florida Education Commissioner Eric J. Smith didn't seem very impressed with Notter's letter.

"I am requesting that the Inspector General of the Department of Education visit Broward County School District to review and evaluate actions already taken and those proposed to be taken in response to the Grand Jury's findings and recommendations," Smith wrote in a letter to the board last week.  

Look, this board has no credibility left, and it won't get any until Notter and at least three board members -- Maureen Dinnen, Jennifer Gottlieb, and Ann Murray -- are off the dais for good. They have all proven unfit for office, much like former colleagues Beverly Gallagher and Stephanie Kraft, who were ousted due to criminal charges.

But guess what? They'll just sit up there sheepishly until it blows over and then try to act like they didn't waste hundreds of millions of dollars paying off their political contributors and funding pet projects.

Mr. Smith: This School Board is bankrupt both financially and ethically. Continue the investigation with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and find a way to bust their asses clean house.

-- Update: Georgia Roberts -- the soccer mom from hell who was accused of stalking local TV newswoman Kristi Krueger -- has pleaded guilty to stalking charges in the Orlando area and was sentenced to probation. But make no mistake -- she's as crazy as ever. Inside, a copy of her recent email she sent me over the weekend.  

Here are excerpts from the Georgia Roberts email, which she sent along with numerous photographs (to get the background on the Roberts case, click here):

From: Gina Elaine 
To: [email protected] 


listen, i've already pleaded guilty (february 21, 2011) and double jeopardy was attached, so i have no problem with the DETAILS, and i am GLAD that i harassed that schmuck Randy Bailey all these years to tell the truth. i wanted to prove to him that everyone is accountable for their past and their mistakes, and i am his BIG MISTAKE. the police report does not even begin to cover the antics & escapades i pulled on the Baileys, and i literally pulled some tsunami-style escapades -- no regrets... the stripper-prank is the least of them, and he was home, and he did answer the door for the stripper named kimberly. in fact, i w-a-s his STRIPPER, which is why i sent her as an April fool's joke -- to remind him that i was his stripper and, he was a dirty cheater + to remind him of his past that he threw up my PAST in my face to cover-up the affair-- -- the officer wrote it down incorrectly that no one was home  ((internal affairs is investigating him for the invalid arrest, this time for no warrant entry into my sanctuary home, as was the case 10 years ago with detective haywood, it was an invalid arrest due to lack of probable cause. OMG ...two arrests a decade apart, and in both instances declared invalid, can the great state of florida ever get it right, like illinois did!?!? LOL.

yeah-- the stipper made contact with him at his house... he was working home alone when i sent the stripper and he DID answer the door for her-- it's in his handwritten statement--just ask Mrs. Bailey Wifey #2 LOL!!  You can see how seriously i take this walk-in-the-park misdemeanor i've pleaded guilty to (it's equivalent to misdemeanor battery)); OK, i am being  a good girl on my probation terms!!

you should at least update the pictures, robert creed norman.

the priests in the photo, father john  & father george knew about the affair many months before the arrest, at my Confession ... i am w/ the priests from the church referenced in the police report ((st, stephen catholic church) in the photos taken on september 25, 2010, just 6 short weeks with the priests (fathers john & george) from the church that's located just  a 2-minute frive from my catholic family's home--my husband is catholic and so are our twin children: baptized catholic in chicago at holy name cathedral in 1996, BUT the sanctimonious Baileys  think they have proprietary rights to that church, even though at any given 9AM OR 11AM SERVICE THERE ARE 600 TO 800 parishioners, so what if i attended that church... right after my arrest, father john the old, old priest in the photo above actually came to my house to comfort me of his own volition ... he was shocked  ((he knows the r-ea-l- me and all about the accident in chicago w/ angela puccetti, knew about it for months prior to the arrest at private confession talks ... and both fathers john & george takes this all with a grain of salt, as he has gotten to know me in the last year i've lived in winter springs, since april 2010 and my children attend the 1% percentile high school in the entire country, where my daughter ranks #45 of 600+ students!!  

did you know that winter springs is one of the best 10 cities to live and raise a family in the entire united states as rated by money magazine? harassing those schmucks was an added bonus, but the primary motivation was a 99.99% white neighborhood; we live just behind my backyard is the country club. we-- my family & our BBQ guests actually hop, skip,  & jump and play free golf on the greens at the country club literally in our backyard; seriously, any google earth map will confirm same. ... this town is only a 15-minute drive from my old house in orlando; it's like moving from plantation to weston--  no big deal distance-wise, but a huge difference in the suburban lifestyle.

the 3 attached photos with the priests were taken just a few weeks prior to the bogus publix arrest (that has declared invalid, contrary to amendment four-- the cops did not have  a warrant for the misdemeanor on november 13, 2011, hence the arrest was illegal as a matter of law)  but, the state proceeded with the other mountain of evidence, to which i pleaded gulity with no jail time; in the meantime, everyone is suing each other in civil court, and Baileys' attorney is named Mr. Hart;   the cop from seminole county sheriff's officer who  served the GRANTED restraining order from me against the respondent on march 28, 2008 was named Officer Love, the case was slated for jury selection by the computerized docket call for valentine's day, february 14th ,and my new lawyer's name for the civil suit is john VALENTINE baum, although i represented myself in the criminal trial, i was too much to handle for the green prosecutor, and the chief of misdemeanor CHIEF  had to take-over and prosecute the case, a 35-year career veteran. that's  a WIN (w-i-n-n-i-n-g as charlie sheen would say!! do U see the parallel train wrecks??)) ...

That's not even the email in its entirety. Then she sent me two more, one of which detailed how she sent a pair of lace panties to the Baileys' attorney. 

Why do I publish it? Because again I think the more light shined on crazy (and apparently racist) Georgia, the better. I know in a sense it plays into her attention-craving hands, but everywhere she goes, people need to know what it is they are dealing with.

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