More Tales of Pain Pill Mill Debauchery

He is Mladen Antolic, a seemingly mild-mannered physician in Orlando who has been charged with unlawfully dispensing pain pills. But that's just the start, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

"By night, authorities say, Antolic was hosting wild drug and sex parties at his 4,700-square-foot Hunter's Creek home.

The 55-year-old Croatian doctor is accused of enticing women -- some of whom he treated at his practice -- to attend nightly bashes where he showered them with prescription drugs, cocaine and money."

A female patient who became addicted to oxycodone under Antolic's care wrote a letter to authorities describing how he lured her to a party and how he would give women drugs in exchange for sexual favors. "He is a doctor and I accepted because I expected something entirely different from what occurred," she wrote. "I care deeply about his using these oxycodones 'recreationally' in order to get women either addicted or 'stoned' just so he can have sexual relations with them. He is a doctor. He shouldn't be propositioning his patients to start with."

Now as for that sheepish look in the mug shot, it looks like Antolic was busted cold. The newspaper reported that agents found 1,475 oxycodone tablets, 290 suspected alprazolam tablets, 10 grams of cocaine, five handguns, more than $37,000 in cash, an electronic money counter, and "photographs of a sexual nature."

That was his first arrest in October. He bonded out and went right back to the drugs and sex parties. He was popped again in December and bonded out again. Then a colleague testified that Antolic prescribed too many narcotics and "flagged" all the young women who came into the practice so that only he could see them. Antolic was arrested again in January, this time on a slew of charges that include racketeering and prostitution and is now sitting in jail unable to post bond.

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