Ryan Crofutt
Ryan Crofutt

More Tragedy for Crofutt Family of Boynton Beach

As if Frank and Vicki Crofutt haven't been through enough, last night their brain-damaged son Ryan was arrested for domestic battery, after a scuffle left his father with two broken legs.

Ryan Crofutt's case became a crusade for state legislators like Joe Abruzzo, who were incensed by the state's failure to fund treatment programs for patients like the 25-year-old Ryan, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2004 after a group of men beat him and ran him over with a car.

As the Post story notes, people with traumatic brain injuries struggle to control emotions. The fight between Ryan and his father Frank 

reportedly occurred after Frank Crofutt discovered that Ryan had thrown a stereo in the family's pool.

Ryan allegedly struck his father with an object that resembled a candleholder. Vicki Crofutt has disputed the version of events offered by the Boynton Beach Police, which sent a release Thursday morning notifying media that Ryan Crofutt was wanted in connection with domestic battery.


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