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Morning Juice: A Sure Way to "Hook" an Investor; Familiar Charges for Son of Pedophile Clown

It's Friday. A list of news-related questions the South Florida media hope to answer for you in the weekend (and weeks) to come:

  • Where is Paul Merhige? Jupiter's Thanksgiving killer has managed to evade police for an entire week, and the manhunt has now gone national. [WPTV]
  • This questions comes courtesy Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti: "How was I supposed to know (that Scott Rothstein was a crook)? Besides the fact that Al Lamberti is Broward Sheriff, a job that involves knowing who's a crook, I'm stumped! Another Rothstein-related question: Why is wife Kimberly still living in the mansion that her husband bought with his dirty, dirty money and driving there in a "beautiful Cadillac SUV"? [WPLG]
  • Did Rothstein have a camera-rigged, Big Brother-like party house for potential investors and aggressive prostitutes? [Daily Pulp]

  • Did Palm Beach Gardens Councilwoman Jody Barnett have her husband exploit his cop credentials to do background searches on her political enemies? Or is she a victim of  media inaccuracy? [Palm Beach Post]
  • Is pedophilia hereditary? Probably not, but it's still quite a coincidence that Brandon Deyo of Jupiter has been arrested on child pornography charges. He's the 21-year-old son of David Deyo, who in October 2003 entered a guilty plea to child porn charges during a period he also attended parties as (cringe) "Noodles the Clown." [Palm Beach Post]

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