Morning Juice: Another Broward Commissioner Investigated; Kim Rothstein Gives Interview

Let's see what's in the papers and on the TV news this Wednesday morning:

  • Prosecutors are finally getting 'round to issuing subpoenas in the long-overdue investigation of Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin, who voted for some $11 million in grants for parks in Southwest Ranches -- grants that were written by her husband, Richard, and for which he received a huge payday. [Daily Pulp]
  • Everybody's favorite crashed meteor, Scott Rothstein, will be giving his guilty plea this morning in federal court. Will the man who once had the most friends in Broward County have a single person show up for support? [Sun-Sentinel]
  • That is, besides his wife, Kimberly, who gave an exclusive interview to Channel 7. She insists that she was the most shocked of anyone to learn of Rothstein's Ponzi ways. [WSVN}
  • In just a few months, Charlie Crist has lost a 15-point lead to Marco Rubio in the primary race for U.S. Senate, according to a Quinnipiac poll that shows Rubio with a slight advantage. [Miami Herald]
  • More than 100 manatees were killed this month, shocked by the state's low temperatures in early January. [Palm Beach Post]
  • A different kind of chilling effect in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, where a judge ruled that attorneys defending billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in civil suits can subpoena records of his accusers' abortions. [Palm Beach Post]

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