Morning Juice: Another Fins Flop; Shooting Deaths in Sunrise, West Palm

It's beginning to look like most Mondays are going to be downers, Dolphin fans. So let's get it over with:

  • The Dolphins lost 23-13 to the San Diego Chargers. Pennington went down with an apparent shoulder injury. If it's serious, that 0-3 is going to feel like an even deeper hole. []
  • In Sunrise, three people -- Quincy and Lisa Kelly, plus their 13-year-old daughter, Soraya -- were found dead early Sunday morning of gunshot wounds. [WSVN]
  • Dr. Mack King Carter retired from downtown Fort Lauderdale's New Mount Olive Baptist Church yesterday after 27 years. A prophet or a despot, depending on what church member you asked. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Tale of Two Cities: Hialeah and Weston represent two extremes of health care in Florida -- the city in Florida with the lowest and highest percentage of residents with health insurance, respectively. [Miami Herald]
  • This week, Wellington will consider trimming its workweek to four days in an effort to balance a budget. [Palm Beach Post]
  • In a special report, the Sun-Sentinel found that some 3,500 nursing home employees in Florida were hired despite criminal records. Not big on background checks in that industry, it seems.
  • West Palm Police are tracking a shooting death that occurred after midnight. Little known about the incident at the moment. [Palm Beach Post]


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