Morning Juice: Another Quake in Haiti; Fins Find a Defensive Mastermind in Denver

A glance at local headlines this January 20:

  • A 6.0 quake rattled nerves in Port-au-Prince this morning, but there's not much left to destroy in a city where the death toll is at 72,000 and counting. [Miami Herald]
  • The Broward County School District has to trim $47 million from its budget, and a whole bunch of that is liable to come out of the construction department since the last thing the district needs are new buildings. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • The bankruptcy proceedings related to Scott Rothstein are going to deal crushing blows to a pair of local jewelry stores, where the attorney spent some $20 million of his Ponzi-based fortune. [Daily Pulp]
  • Boynton Beach celebrity Dalia Dippolito took the witness stand today in court proceedings by her husband Michael, who wants to take her name off the deed of their home. She took the Fifth Amendment. Fortunately for prosecutors in her attempted murder case, she did plenty of talking prior to her arrest. [WPBF-25]
  • The Dolphins hired former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Mike Nolan in hopes he can make the same quick improvements to a Miami defense that struggled mightily down the stretch of this past season. It's usually a good sign when folks from the coach's former town are furious about his departure, as is the case in Denver. [Denver Post]

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