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Morning Juice: Botox Bandita, Wal-Mart Drops Fish, Rum Shack Owner Busted for DUI

  • A Las Olas doctor provided a woman with a little Botox treatment the other day. She was 

    pushy and rude -- you know the type. When it was time to pay up, she left a decoy purse at the office and skipped out, promising to hit an ATM and return. She didn't. You know the type -- you try to help someone out of their wrinkled-face situation, and this is the thanks you get. Sun-Sentinel

  • Wal-Mart -- the third-biggest grocery chain in Florida -- is no longer offering fresh seafood. It'll still carry frozen fishies. Higher prices and concerns over environmental issues in the Gulf precipitated the decision, which will trickle down and impact the fisheries that have been stocking the chain. That's a lot of grouper and snapper not being bought and sold. Palm Beach Post
  • The owner of the Rum Shack, a popular drinkery in Lake Worth, was popped last night for DUI. Driving home (with a deputy already scoping him out), he allegedly knocked over a pedestrian on the roadside. Kevin Knight, 43, is a former cruise-ship bartender known for a concoction called the Drunken Monkey. Palm Beach Post

  • Miami-Dade County has sued DirectTV, saying the firm overcharged and misled customers. Saying the company foisted early termination fees, hidden fees, and misleading contracts on subscribers, the county's Customer Service Department filed the suit this week. Comcast, you hear that? The culling is coming. Miami Herald 
  • The lobster miniseason is almost over, and divers are reporting smaller bugs and fewer of them. Adding to the problem is the increased number of lionfish, who live in the same spots lobsters hide and have long appendages that can be mistaken for lobsters'. They're also venomous and aggressive. CBS4
  • Thirteen area Winn-Dixie stores are scheduled to close, a trend the supermarket chain has been into for a while. Fort Lauderdale's losing only one store, but Lake Worth is saying goodbye to three. And Boca Raton is saying bye-bye to its store -- a Winn-Dixie in Boca? Wow. Sun-Sentinel 

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