Morning Juice: Cancer Cluster Claims Pet Lives; Foreclosures Mire the Courts

On a chilly Monday morning, here's what's in the news in South Florida:

  • A family that lives in the Acreage, where experts have been seeking to explain a cancer cluster, report that three pets died of the same kind of cancer, hemangiosarcoma. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Homicide detectives are investigating a body found in a pickup truck near Weston. [CBS4]
  • Massive amounts of foreclosures have swamped South Florida civil courts, creating a bottleneck that's amplified the misery of struggling homeowners. [Miami Herald]
  • In an affluent gated community in Wellington, Lance McClellan allegedly shot and killed his wife while his 9-year-old daughter was also in the home. He was also wounded from a self-inflicted gunshot. [WFLX]
  • After wealthy Israeli businessman Guma Aguiar was pulled over for marijuana DUI in June by Broward deputies, he told of anti-Semitic remarks, excessive use of force, and a lawsuit to come. But this past week, he changed his tune, pleading no contest to possession of marijuana. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • A SWAT team was called to an apartment in Riviera Beach early this morning after allegedly being threatened by those who lived inside. It appears those two suspects are now cooperating. [WPTV]


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