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Morning Juice: Candid Camera at Cheetah; Glamorous Performer Loses Dignity in West Palm Nursing Home

On this chilly, spooky Friday the 13th, let's see what's in the news:

  • Scott Rothstein alleged fraud may have been in the neighborhood of $1 billion. Special Agent in Charge John Gillies says there are "tentacles" and wants our help identifying them. So keep your eyes out for that. [WPLG]
  • Eww. Hallandale Beach's Cheetah strip club, which was raided and shut down in March amid charges of prostitution, apparently taped sexual encounters between its patrons and strippers. Any Juice sleuths willing to volunteer finding them on the 'net? Didn't think so. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Charlie Crist, who recently claimed on national television that he didn't endorse the federal stimulus package, even though he did, is now inching back toward that position, saying in Jupiter yesterday that he supported the stimulus -- by taking the federal money. If this Senate thing doesn't work out, Charlie would be great on Dancing With the Stars. [Palm Beach Post]

  • A heart-wrenching story on West Palm's Channel 5, which tells of Patricia Johnson, the glamorous former singer who in the 1950s appeared on the cover of Jet magazine and more recently worked as a music professor in South Florida before retiring and ending up in Darcy Hall of Life, a nursing home West Palm. Her family says the care is atrocious and that on multiple occasions her  calls to staff were ignored, making her colostomy bag explode. [WPTV]
  • Broadway Joe, enjoying his retirement as Tequesta Joe, is one of those people who let their dogs roam around the neighborhood sans leash, even though they're not adorably gentle. Not judging by their biting of the UPS man and chomping the arse of a home health-care nurse. His defense? Pictures of the dogs with children. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Based on a new method for registering swine-flu cases, the pandemic has killed more than the 11 that were previously reported in Broward County. [Miami Herald]

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