Morning Juice: Citrus Farmers Dreading the Big Chill; Retreat From Controversial Testing Program in Palm Beach Schools

As Florida drifts closer to the Arctic Circle, let's see what's happening in other local news:

  • The man who was shot and killed by a Pembroke Pines police officer Monday afternoon was Clifford Sheldon McLean, a 24-year-old North Miami man suspected in the torching death of his mother earlier that day. [Miami Herald]
  • Derek Black, a white nationalist leader from West Palm Beach, is making another bid to join the Palm Beach County Republican Party, a year after his much publicized victory in that election was disqualified on a technicality -- his failure to sign a loyalty pledge before a deadline. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Near-freezing nighttime temperatures are cause for anxiety among South Florida farmers who feared it would kill their crops. [WPLG-10]
  • A Broward County jury convicted Thomas Tuer of the June 2007 suffocation death of his then-girlfriend, Deane Davis, with whom he got into a drunken wrestling match over her intention to drive. Both were alcoholics, holed up in a Hollywood motel. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • After a heart-warming homecoming for Christmas, 15-year-old Deerfield Beach burn victim Michael Brewer is back in a Miami hospital, suffering from respiratory problems, probably related to the chilly temperatures and his asthma. [Miami Herald]
  • Palm Beach County schools Superintendent Art Johnson finally pulled the plug on a much-maligned academic program that called for more testing of students and that was assailed by parents as being destructive to the quality of public education. [Palm Beach Post]
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