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Morning Juice: Conflict Brewing Over Compact; Stress in the West 'Burbs

Here's what's happening in the 954 and 561:

  • Pari-mutuals are not fooled by the governor's compact with the Seminoles, and they're bringing all their lobbyist power -- starting with Ron Book -- to the fight that's brewing in the Legislature. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • How about the nerve of Dushuan Smith? He contacted CBS-4 a few months ago to ask for help promoting the Fort Lauderdale camp he runs for needy children. And now Carey Codd reports that Smith has been arrested for allegedly trying to pass a phony check and that his partners in the camp say he conned them.
  • Residents of the Acreage turned out in force last night for a meeting in Loxahatchee about whether to pipe in public water amid fears that it's to blame for a cancer cluster in the community. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Despite the infinitesimal chances that Tropical Storm Erika poses a threat to South Florida, it's getting plenty of coverage in the local TV news and papers, and I have to ask: At what point is hurricane coverage counterproductive? We can't possibly maintain a constant vigil, and every false alarm breeds more apathy. OK, I'm done.
  • Weston is where the wild things roam, and Florida Wildlife officials still haven't found the python that was spotted in that far-flung suburb last week. [Miami Herald]
  • To the Jewish Avenger: Your cape is back from the dry cleaner. Please pick up at your convenience. [Daily Pulp]

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