Morning Juice: Court Dates for Palm Beach County's Most Famous, Glamorous Defendants

Here's what's happening in Broward and Palm Beach counties this Thursday:

  • Wearing a big pair of sunglasses, Dalia Dippolito made a court appearance yesterday in West Palm Beach. Attorneys for the accused murder conspirator want a judge to bar both sides from speaking to the media. [WPBF]
  • Stefanie Woods, the teen made famous by her part in stealing from a Girl Scout and who's now facing charges for kidnapping and robbery, also made a court appearance yesterday in West Palm. A judge denied Woods' request for bond, meaning the 19-year-old will stay in lock-up. She's accused of collaborating with her boyfriend Alex Rill to rob a drug dealer. [WFLX]
  • Cost overruns in the Hollywood Beach Community Redevelopment Agency prompted the city commission to order an audit of the quasi-government agency's finances. [Miami Herald]
  • Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom called reports of a friendship between Chief Frank Adderley and Scott Rothstein "dispicable" and vowed to "get to the bottom of this" after Adderley released a statement to the media. [CBS4]
  • Anthony McDermott, the restaurant owner who was bought out -- or cheated, according to his version -- by Rothstein to make room for Bova Prime described his impulse to give a Beantown-style beatdown to the crooked attorney. [Daily Pulp]


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