Morning Juice: Dolphins Get Hosed in Tennessee; Gallagher Looks Trial-Bound in Corruption Case

It's Christmas week. And here's what's in the news in Broward and Palm Beach:

  • The Dolphins staged an amazing comeback yesterday in Tennessee only to have their inspired effort wrecked by a bullshit call against Greg Camarillo. [NFL.com]
  • Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Adderley elaborated on his statement last week about Scott Rothstein: "When he is that good to fool everyone, why can't it be, 'He was just good at what he did, by fooling people?" He also said he paid for his own ticket to the Dolphins game he attended with Rothstein. [CBS4]
  • In Lighthouse Point, a chiropractor was shooting his gun off until police shot him. Apparently, it's not the first time Xavier Escobar has shot a gun in public -- last time alcohol was involved, and it's suspected this time as well. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Still no clues in the hunt for Thanksgiving massacre suspect Paul Merhige. And no clues of mass murder can be found in his high school yearbook, where the honors student expressed nothing but love for his family. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Disgraced Broward County School Board member Beverly Gallagher is going to court today and is expected to enter a not-guilty plea to federal corruption charges. Because, you know, maybe she picked up that doggy bag full of cash by accident and has been looking for the true owner of that cash all this while. [Miami Herald]

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