Morning Juice: Double Homicide in Boynton; Crist Tangles With Feds Over Haitian Patients

A spin through the headlines from this past weekend in Broward and Palm Beach:

  • Two young people were shot dead on the 100 block of SW Second Avenue in Boynton Beach on Saturday night. Police have identified the victims as Stephen Ocean, 22, and Tite Sufra, 21. There's no word of a motive. [WPTV-5]
  • Gov. Charlie Crist is playing a spirited round of the blame game after the military halted flights of injured Haitians to South Florida hospitals. The feds say Crist had those trips halted on Wednesday. He says that's not true. [Miami Herald]
  • The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue rulings this year on three cases that involve the federal law against "honest services fraud" -- a statute that is invaluable in fighting public corruption but that its critics say is too broadly drawn to give politicians a clear definition of what conduct is forbidden. That ruling could have an impact on the pending criminal cases in Broward against Beverly Gallagher and Fitzroy Salesman, who were both busted in a federal corruption sting last fall. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Poor Johnny B. Goode. He's schizophrenic and has a name that's ironically perfect for illustrating a point about the difficulties and costs of prosecuting repeat offenders. Goode's good at being bad, having been arrested 49 times since March 2006. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Jim DeFede found a couple of South Florida clothing designers who've designed jeans that would skirt local saggy pants ordinances. Waistline Fashions sews the underwear onto the jeans, which only appear to be close to falling off. This idea is almost as crazy as a law against a fashion style. [CBS4]

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