Morning Juice: Father and Son Charged With Murdering Professor; Heat Beat Knicks

Here's your look at the local news this Monday morning:

  • Horrifying details have emerged in last week's murder of Nova professor Joseph Morrissey in his Plantation home. Randy Tunidor, 43, a tenant who was to be evicted from a property owned by Morrissey, has been arrested and charged with murder along with his 21-year-old son of the same name. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • It's not the first time that murder allegations have swirled around the elder Tunidor, who was charged in a 1990 slaying at a Miami trailer park and who was himself shot and nearly killed. [Daily Pulp]
  • The case that led ultimately to the corruption conviction of former Miramar Commissioner Fitzroy Salesman started in October 2004 with a tip from a gang member who went by the nickname "Alpo" and said that Salesman bought drugs, prostitutes and stolen goods. [Sun-Sentinel]

  • Seem no sex scandal can sink a Palm Beach County pol. Like Mark Foley, former Congressman Tim Mahoney has stayed in the game as a fundraiser and hasn't ruled out reviving his once-promising political career. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Thanks to 32 points by D-Wade, who was hampered by a wrist injury, the Heat knocked off the New York Knicks, placing them in a tie for the fifth playoff seed with the Milwaukee Bucks. [ESPN]

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