Morning Juice: Federal Prosecutors Now Camping in Broward; Ethics Reform in Palm Beach County

Let's look at the news on this Wednesday morning:

  • A terrifying number of references to "unidentified co-conspirators" in the information filed yesterday by the U.S. Attorney's Office against Scott Rothstein. There's little question that he and his friends in the political, banking, and legal communities have earned the full attention of federal prosecutors. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • The head of the Broward County School District's construction department, Michael Garretson, is taking an early retirement, but not because of the district's atrocious record of rigging construction contracts to companies who hire the right lobbyist and bundle lots of campaign contributions. No, it's because he misses his family in St. Augustine. Got that? [Miami Herald]
  • Everybody's crazy about ethics! Check out the Palm Beach County Commission, which yesterday moved to insulate its inspector general from being influenced by direct pressure from commissioners themselves. [Palm Beach Post]
  • A Palm Beach County schoolteacher has been suspended for sending emails -- about politics. Really? That's all? Let us know when she starts sexting students. Until then, meh! [WPTV]
  • Still no sign of Thanksgiving killer Paul Merhige. Just more evidence of how meticulously he planned the attack on his family, including a horrible, haunting quote from the scene of the killings. [Palm Beach Post]

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