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Morning Juice: Fido Finds Lobsters, With or Without Butter

  • Jordan Howard Breslaw, in a race for a Broward County judge position, is collecting unemployment benefits. Evidently working as an attorney and a chiropractor isn't paying the bills. Sun-Sentinel
  • A wonderful church with some enlightened leaders decided a fine method of fomenting world peace should start with a little Koran burning. The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville plans to attempt the stunt on September 11. Miami Herald

  • Lobster miniseason starts today, and that means plenty of knuckleheads in the water. Florida wildlife conservation officials plan to monitor the situation closely, and they're even planning to use "lobster-sniffing dogs" to root out lawbreakers. No word on the use of drawn-butter-sniffing canines, but one can only imagine. Miami Herald
  • The woman found hanging last week in a Parkland park has died, according to BSO. Nikalya Baldomero was found last Monday accompanied by Joseph M. Brown, who died shortly after being found. Palm Beach Post
  • A Riviera Beach cop accused of being in cahoots with drug dealers is on administrative leave. Nathan Gordon, a seven-year vet, apparently tipped off dealers about impending raids and even gave them the home addresses of cops on the force. Palm Beach Post

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