Morning Juice: Florida Inches Closer to Inevitable Day When Half Its Employees Are Investigating the Other Half

The headlines for this Thursday:

  • Is the Florida Department of Education cooking the books to make it appear that there's a decline in violence at South Florida schools? [CBS4 special investigation]
  • Is the Florida Division of Alcohol, Bureau and Tobacco trying to cover up allegations of prostitution at Cheetah, a strip club in Hallandale Beach? [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Did Florida Public Service Commissioner Katrina McMurrian's dinner with an FPL executive mean that she can't be impartial in regulating the state utility? [Miami Herald]
  • Are there enough ethical state agencies available to investigate all the unethical ones? [No link; I'm seriously just asking...]
  • Newly released analysis of water in the Acreage shows no components that could be blamed for the apparent brain cancer cluster, according to county officials. [Palm Beach Post]
  • There may be the big break in the frantic search for the slaughterer of horses, as an 18-year-old is arrested in a sting, allegedly for plotting with a friend to kill horses at a ranch near Okeechobee Road so he could harvest their meat. He's said to have admitted to killing a horse in Miami Gardens. [WPLG]

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