Morning Juice: Grandmother Killed by Deputies in Pompano Beach; St. Patty's Day Parade Brings Big Shots to Broward

Let's see what's happening in Palm Beach and Broward counties this Monday morning:

  • A drug raid around midnight Saturday by Broward Sheriff's Office led to a deadly shooting after the owner of a suspected drug house, Brenda Van Zwieten, 52, brandished a gun. Van Zwieten's family says she wasn't a drug dealer.  [WSVN-7]
  • Students and faculty at Bak Middle School for the Arts in West Palm Beach are mourning the loss of Tom Conboy, a popular physical education teacher and coach who died of kidney cancer. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Florida educators are at the mercy of Florida's Republican Legislature, which wants to change the standards for evaluating their job performance. [Miami Herald]
  • Fort Lauderdale's St. Patrick's Day parade brought out some of the state's leading political celebrities, like nothing we've seen since they put Scott Rothstein in jail. [Daily Pulp]
  • The Bahamas Celebration will be the first multiday cruise ship to leave from the Port of Palm Beach when it sets sail today. [Palm Beach Post]

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