Morning Juice: Hollywood Finds a Beach Bum; Pythons 100,000 - Humans 39

Let's see what's in the news this morning.

  • All these political scandals lately and none involving Hollywood? Well, the City Commission wasn't going to stand for that! Yesterday commissioners fired Gil Martinez, director of their beach community redevelopment agency, after accumulating evidence he was a reckless spender. [Miami Herald]
  • The Broward Sheriff's Office joined with state regulators on a sting that nabbed 16 unlicensed construction contractors. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • FBI agents swarmed the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler offices on Las Olas yesterday while Scott Rothstein himself huddled with federal prosecutors looking into his alleged Ponzi scheme. [WPLG]
  • The Great Python Hunt of 2009 managed to kill only 39 of the huge snakes, out of a possible 100,000 that may be living in the Everglades, renewing hope for a sequel to Snakes on a Plane. [Palm Beach Post]
  • A 25-year-old man in Lake Worth stabbed his uncle and his Labrador, apparently as an outgrowth of paranoid schizophrenia. [WPTV]
  • As we enter the last month of hurricane season, Ida makes her debut near Nicaragua. She's unlikely to threaten South Florida... so far. [Palm Beach Post]

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