Morning Juice: Hollywood Shedding Cops; Riviera Beach Activist Loses Court Battle

Every single South Florida television newscast now agrees: It's cold. You could step outside of your home to confirm this yourself, but better to crank up the heat, turn on the tube, and enjoy our region's nonstop, wall-to-wall coverage of this historic event. Fortunately, there is also slightly less obvious news available:

  • Hollywood Police officers who in February accidentally recorded themselves talking about how they would "do a little Walt Disney" to cover up their colleague's negligence in a car accident have been informed they're likely to be fired. The police union called the action "public lynchings" motivated by politics -- presumably a political bias in which corrupt police are singled out and must worry about their job security. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • But bad cops are not the only Hollywood employees who stand stand to lose a paycheck or two. To avoid layoffs, the municipal workers union has agreed to furloughs this fall, saving the cash-strapped city half a million dollars. [Miami Herald]
  • In these desperate economic times, public schools are proving popular again. So popular that local school districts have more students than they projected and to meet their budgets have had to curb per-student funding. [Miami Herald]
  • In Riviera Beach, a victory for arbitrary enforcement of obscure city codes as a means for silencing critics of a local government, as activist Fane Lozman loses a court case in which he fought the city's effort to sell his houseboat after it was removed from the marina for allegedly being unsafe. [Palm Beach Post]

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