Morning Juice: If This Keeps Up, We'll Just Call It the "Dolphin Flu"

It's Friday morning. Let's tackle the toughest issue first.

  • In what may be the final straw for South Florida working families, the Dolphins looked totally uninspired while playing a game that doesn't count -- even though they won (which might cheer us up, but since it doesn't count, no). Both Dave Hyde at the Sun-Sentinel and Jeff Darlington at the Herald made similar points about how the lightning delay in the second quarter came because God was angry with the Fins. If they go three-and-out on their next opening possession, a pestilence across the land. If it hasn't started already...
  • Uh oh. We knew that the start of school would increase the likelihood of a swine flu outbreak, but already? In the Palm Beach Post, Andrew Marra tells of three schools that have been hit.
  • Operation Show Me the Money, by the Fort Lauderdale Police, is the laziest -- and yet one of the most effective -- law enforcement stings I can remember. Let David Smiley tell you about it in the Miami Herald. Stay tuned to Juice for new ideas for lazy-but-ingenious methods of busting crime.

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