Morning Juice: Lantana Police Make a Deposit to Jail

What's going on in South Florida? Well, this:

  • As Juice insomniacs already know, our local obsession, the so-called Withdrawal Bandit, has finally been caught! Police believe it's Glenn Hooper, a 53-year-old Hollywood man who went to the well one too many times. Lantana police also busted Hooper's wife / getaway driver. Apparently, the robberies fed an addiction of some kind, meaning the couple is about to get a new appreciation of the term "withdrawal." (Crime fighters throw heads back and laugh... and roll credits.) [Palm Beach Post]
  • Holocaust-denying author David Irving has issued a statement of regret for the stabbings that occurred Monday night at his speech in a conference room of the Ritz Carlton. [WFLX]
  • The future path to Cuba may go through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. [Miami Herald]
  • Initial court appearance for the 15-year-old Coral Springs boy accused of murdering his 14-year-old brother. [WSVN]
  • The Broward County School Board decided that maybe it had had its fill of controversy for this year and will put off changing the school boundaries for another year, meaning that students won't be switching schools and parents won't feel quite so obligated to pay close attention to district happenings. [Sun-Sentinel]

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