Morning Juice: Murders and Coyotes

Wipe those sleep nuggets from your eyes, kids: There's news to be had.

  • A murder in Belle Glade last night, with a man ending up dead in the middle of a downtown street. Family members told a local TV station the victim was 26 years old and "had been shot at before." Palm Beach Post
  • Another shooting, this time outside the La Quinta Inn in Sunrise. Sun-Sentinel
  • The owner of a pawn shop/jewelry store was murdered yesterday in West Palm Beach, and cops are looking for two men in connection with his slaying. The man, John Lauseng, leaves behind a wife, two grown kids, and a 5-year-old daughter. Sun-Sentinel

  • More bad news: An Acreage dude was underneath his car, changing the oil, when the jack slipped and he was crushed. His status is unclear this morning. Palm Beach Post
  • Angry residents in Parkland want a dog-snatching coyote brought to justice. "State officials" told residents to carry a flashlight, golf club, or noisemaking device to scare away "nuisance wildlife." CBS4
  • No news at all from the Miami Herald this morning. Let's hope a coyote didn't get 'em. Still, a bad feeling persists. Maybe it was a bad idea watching Cujo last night.

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