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Morning Juice: New Revenue Needed -- Let's Milk the Muck Monster!

Today in Broward and Palm Beach news:

  • In a sign that the political pressure's getting to him, Gov. Charlie Crist is taking a hard line on a member of the Public Service Commission who dined with the FPL treasurer and is now being pressured to recuse herself from a vote on the rate increase. [Miami Herald]
  • In Hollywood the city commission caught hell for proposing an increase in the tax rate by 13 percent. But listen, folks. If the city's not realizing the tax revenue it expected from giving massive incentives to developers, and if commissioners are scared to lay off or renegotiate the terms of union deals with police and firefighters, then someone has to get stuck with the bill. [Miami Herald]]
  • A similar plan was similarly popular among residents who attended last night's commission meeting in West Palm. [Palm Beach Post]
  • But fear not, West Palm taxpayers, the Muck Monster will save your government from financial collapse. How long before the Muck Monster also gets an incentive-laden development deal to build a condo in downtown Hollywood? [WPBF]
  • At Cypress Bay High School a student was snapped photos of girls in bathroom stalls, but since none of them contained nudity he hasn't been charged. Fine, but Cypress Bay students, a measure of informal justice may be in order: Make him eat lunch alone for a little while. [Sun-Sentinel]Prosecutors trying Toby and Kerstin Fenn for homicide in the death of Elly Lorey rested their case Monday, after calling a celebrated medical examiner to refute the testimony of another celebrated medical examiner called by the defense and who said Lorey died of natural causes. The defense will wrap up its case today. [Palm Beach Post]

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