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Morning Juice: News From the South Florida Justice Scene

​There were developments in multiple prominent South Florida criminal cases over the weekend. Sorry to start your week off on a down note, but here's a quick sample of the news you may have missed:

Set free: Lineten Belizaire, the 21-year-old Miami man accused of killing three people (including a 6-month-old child) in Lauderdale Lakes and then leaving his infant son at the scene, was released Friday after a grand jury said there wasn't enough evidence to send the case to trial. Of interest: One of the victims, Belizaire's ex-girlfriend, reportedly made a Facebook update just before she was killed that said Belizaire was outside her apartment. [CBS 4]

Won't stop getting weirder: I write "more weird details emerge" every time something new comes out about the February 9 RV park murder in Deerfield Beach, and every time something...

... new comes out, it gets even weirder. William De Jesus stabbed himself and his 9-year-old son to death, leaving the boy's mother, Deanna Beauchamp, and their other other son wounded with knife wounds. All of this after the couple's children had been taken away for abuse and then given back.

Well, now Beauchamp, recovering from her stab wounds, has been arrested on manslaughter charges because she "did nothing to save her sons' lives," according to the PBSO. Oh, and it was also discovered that cocaine was in the systems of both De Jesus and the 9-year-old boy. [Sun-Sentinel]

The Might Be Sad Department: Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, serving his 50-year prison sentence, missed his father's funeral Thursday. Harvey Rothstein was 76. [Local 10]

Going to trial: Jury selection starts tomorrow for the trial of John Goodman, the Palm Beach polo mogul charged with vehicular homicide in connection with the death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson, who drowned in a canal, police say, after a drunken Goodman rammed his car off the road. We last wrote about Goodman when he adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend in a move to protect his kids loot. [Sun Sentinel]

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