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Morning Juice: Palm Beach Airport Official, Broward Commissioner's Hubby, Both Make Bank at Taxpayer Expense

Your daily tour of the local news:

  • According to the local media, nothing newsworthy happened at North Broward's giant public health-care district yesterday. Moving on...
  • The director of the Palm Beach International Airport has decided he'd like to ride that DROP gravy train a few miles down the track. The program will allow him to collect a $304,000 state payout, leave his job for a month, then get rehired at the end of the month at his regular $200,000 salary. Expect more government employees to pounce on this before a new law takes effect July 1. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin's husband, Richard, talked (barely) about his role in the 2006 purchase of $4.3 million in Southwest Ranches swampland by the Broward school district. Rubin was a paid lobbyist for the town and had a real estate license with Ira Cor, the realtor whose assurances were a key to the woefully bungled deal. The Rubins are now under investigation by state prosecutors. [Sun-Sentinel]

  • At the Scott Rothstein auction, Charlie Crist's former campaign finance director, Sergio Pino, paid $2,100 for the photo of the disgraced lawyer with Crist, who inscribed, "Scott, you're amazing!" Pino is now on Team Rubio, so you can look for that item in a future hit mailer or TV ad. [Daily Pulp]
  • A sister of the woman who was killed with her two sons by Neal Jacobson in Wellington last weekend spoke to a local television station. [WPBF]
  • President Barack Obama came to Florida yesterday to herald the state's getting federal billions for the construction of high-speed rail between Tampa and Orlando -- but that news was totally overshadowed by speculation and analysis of how Crist would greet Obama on the tarmac. Drumroll... with a handshake. [St. Pete Times]

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