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Morning Juice: Room for One More Forked Tongue in Broward

  • The Broward School District admits it's overbuilt classrooms, but oops! It overbuilt in the wrong areas. So some are jam-packed while others are desolated. And yet as the Sun-Sentinel's Kathy Bushouse reports, the state isn't eager to help the district go on another building binge. Maybe if it's on a ballot, Broward taxpayers will be more generous? Not Pulp's Bob Norman, who writes, "Any voter who would authorize this deadbeat and arrogant board any more of its money would have to either be insane or in on the scam."

  • Is Broward State Attorney Michael Satz wasting public resources busting drug addicts? John DeGroot posts some fascinating statistics on his blog showing that as a percentage of total criminal defendants, 41.5 percent of those in Broward were prosecuted for drug crimes, compared to the 29.9 percent rate in Florida.

  • There's a green mamba on the loose. The poisonous serpent bit a man in Hollywood. He's responding well to treatment, reports Alexia Campbell and Rafael Olmeda in the Sun-Sentinel. But now the question is exactly how this snake managed to get here. "No one in Florida has a license to own a green mamba," the reporters note dryly. Well, I find the DMV is punishment enough without having to also pay a visit to the green mamba license window.
  • Mitra Malek and Paul Quinlan of the Palm Beach Post report on the relative civility at yesterday's health-care forums by Congressmen Robert Wexler and Alcee Hastings: "Unlike some other health care forums around the country, nobody was arrested, no one was hanged in effigy and nobody brought guns, deputies said." Progress! The Miami Herald's Chuck Fadely has video that gives you a good feel for tenor of the debate outside the forum.
  • Here's one for you amateur detectives: In West Palm, a naked man with gunshots to his torso ran to neighbors, then pleaded with them to call police. Then he refused to cooperate with police. Figure that one out.

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