Morning Juice: Rothstein Plea Deal Soon, as Story's Murder Plot Line Fades

This is like one of those winters that the Ingalls family survived, isn't it? Let's try to press on, beginning with this morning's local headlines:

  • In what Commissioner Bill Ganz described as a "painful" decision, he brought a motion to fire City Manager Mike Mahaney. Tempers flared. Accusations were hurled. Video is forthcoming. But until now, check out our Juice coverage, which went live before meeting's end. [Juice]
  • Breaking Scott Rothstein news: "We are in the process of finalizing a plea agreement," Rothstein's attorney Marc Nurik told the Miami Herald. A statement that was as true yesterday as it was two months ago. Rothstein has a court appearance this morning. [Miami Herald]
  • The aunt of Melissa Britt Lewis, the former Rothstein attorney who was murdered in 2008, told Bob Norman that she and the rest of the family are sure that the killer is Tony Villegas, who has been charged with the crime and currently faces trial. That puts a damper on the popular conspiracy theory that Rothstein could have been her killer. [Daily Pulp]
  • Jim Sitton, father of Mikayla Sitton, the 6-year-old who was shot dead in her bed in the Thanksgiving massacre in Jupiter, wants the death penalty for Paul Michael Merhige, who was found in a Long Key motel room this past weekend. [Palm Beach Post]
  • In Fort Lauderdale, 36-year-old Mario James is accused of fracturing his 1-month-old son's skull while he slugged his wife. They got into an argument when the wife came to pick up the child from the family's home. [WPLG]

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