Morning Juice: Rothstein's Friends Beg Judge for Leniency; I-95 Is a Freeway Death Trap

A look at the local news for this Monday morning:

  • During the confusion of last night's storm, a mother in West Palm Beach backed out of her driveway while her 3-year-old child was behind her SUV, striking the child, who later died. [WPTV-5]
  • Lonely times for Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti, who is caught between demands by the county commissioners to trim costs and his desire to preserve the declining morale among unionized deputies who stand to be victims of the layoffs necessary fulfill that obligation. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Letters written by Scott Rothstein's friends and family ask the judge not to think of the Fort Lauderdale attorney as a Ponzi schemer but rather as a Boy Scout or as a diligent student who lost his way. They're hoping to spare Rothstein from a lengthy prison sentence. [Daily Pulp]

  • Florida's I-95 has the dubious distinction of being the nation's deadliest stretch of highway, based on a breakdown that divides the number of miles by the number of fatalities. [Miami Herald]
  • Palm Beach County's Solid Waste Authority got a negative review from the county's auditor, which found that the agency's executives had accepted expenses-paid trips from vendors bidding on contracts. [Palm Beach Post]


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