Morning Juice: Samaritans, Good And Bad, All on Same Sinking Ship

The big story today is that justice appears to have caught up to the driver of the truck that killed wheelchair-bound Kenneth Scotto Sunday night in Dania Beach. The Bad Samaritan's name is Hugo Daniel Detteren and this is the truck model.

Morning Juice: Samaritans, Good And Bad, All on Same Sinking Ship

But fate was unkind to a Good Samaritan, too. Former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Tim Smith says that he tossed aside his bike to render aid to a couple drivers who'd collided on Sunrise Boulevard. Since the drivers did not need Smith's life-saving skills, he returned to his bike, only to discover it had been stolen.

Fortunately for the ex-commish, I got a good luck at the suspect, as did my cell phone camera. Sorry that it only shoots in grainy B/W. I added a musical score for dramatic effect.

Man, looks like businesses along Sunrise Boulevard are doing worse than I thought!

Unquestionably, however, the day's biggest metaphor is what Obama volunteers called the "Yes We Can Cruise," now on the verge of becoming the "Maybe We Can Hitchhike." A ship that was to leave from Port Everglades next month and bring the incoming presidents' most devoted Floridians to the inauguration has struggled to sell tickets.

Ugh, this economy! When 2008 began, it seemed like we were all mingling at a fancy dinner party in our most elegant clothes, aboard a luxury vessel. And then came a wave. Barack Obama, will you be our Ernest Borgnine?

-- Thomas Francis


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