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Morning Juice: Still More Questions in Miramar Deaths; End of the Line for Broward Murderer on Death Row

Here what's happening this morning in South Florida:

  • CBS4 has video that includes a photo of the two victims of a shooting in Miramar -- Faith Bisasor and her son Damion Bishop -- as well as an interview with a family friend who says Bisasor never opened the door to strangers. The Sun-Sentinel adds new details about Bisasor's work as a nurse.
  • At the Miami Herald, Curtis Morgan reports that Bill's gaining strength but still headed out to sea while Ana's to be a mere "annoyance," likely to bring heavy rain.
  • "Obamacare" hysterics at a health care town hall in Stuart by U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney.
  • Over at the Palm Beach Post, Frank Cerabino's written an excellent profile of the lobbyist for snakes. Or you may just want to wait for this character's movie treatment, Thank You for Choking.

  • It's come to this: Patricia Mazzei reports in the Herald that the Broward schools superintendent has to teach a kickball class, among other district leaders called on to fill teacher's roles. Just as long as Bev Gallagher doesn't get to teach poli sci or business ethics classes.
  • Check out this gruesome lede from Tonya Alanez and Paula McMahon at the Sun-Sentinel about a pending execution:
The last time an inmate on Florida's Death Row was executed for a murder committed in Broward County, flames and smoke shot from the condemned man's head as he received three jolts of 2,000-volt electricity.

Wednesday at 6 p.m., barring a last-minute judicial reprieve, John Richard Marek, 47, will also go to his death.
OK! I guess that's why Death Row inmates get counseling, right? And actually, Marek's to die by lethal injection, so the fire's not very likely.

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