Morning Juice: Stogies With Scotty; Plane Crashes in Broward Everglades

Monday in the Broward and Palm Beach. Here's the view from headlineville.

  • Scott Rothstein gave a brief phone interview to the Miami Herald in which he said he was "doing good," smoking cigars with his attorney, Marc Nurik, who then took the phone and retracted all that Rothstein had just said, as Rothstein cackled in the background. Nurik also denied that Rothstein was hanging out with federal agents, trying to cut a deal. []
  • A small plane registered to a 41-year-old man in Seminole County crashed last night in the Everglades of western Broward. [CBS4]
  • Broward Chief Judge Vic Tobin is not keen on his emails being leaked to reporters (*cough* Bob Norman *cough*). Relax VT, and just be glad we didn't publish the ones that have emoticons. [Miami Herald]
  • In his race for the state senate against Ellyn Bogdanoff, Carl Domino is not going to make an issue of her ties to Rothstein. Not to sound like the guy in the front row of the Roman Colosseum, but... BOOOO! More blood! [Palm Beach Post]
  • A piece of the World Trade Center will be displayed in a memorial in Palm Beach Gardens. [Palm Beach Post]

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