Morning Juice: Swine Flu Claims Casualty in PBC; Budget Talks Get Rowdy in Pembroke Pines

Here's what's going on this morning in Broward and Palm Beach counties:

  • A 33-year-old woman from Palm Beach County has died from H1N1, despite having none of the conditions that suggest she should have been at greater risk. So doctors are warning the public to get treatment in cases in which his or her flu symptoms return after it first appeared they had run their course. [Palm Beach Post]
  • All kinds of fuzzy math in Pembroke Pines as commissioners approve a budget plan that has $28 million hole and offers no clue how it's to be resolved. [Miami Herald] Well! I guess it's for dilemmas like this that your city pays City Manager Charles Dodge such a princely sum, as Lisa Rab reported yesterday on this blog. Residents pay for miracles, CD. Will you give them one?
  • Grueling testimony in the case of Elly Lorey, the 89-year-old whose daughter and son-in-law didn't seek help for her Alzheimer's and dementia and who are now charged with her murder through negligence. Toby Fenn told police that he and his wife had decided Lorey was beyond help and that they would let nature take its course. [Palm Beach Post]
  • In Broward, another case that would make a fascinating trial: How will the City of Hollywood defend itself from a suit brought by the Plantation family who in 2006 claims to have been held at gunpoint after police officer Michael McCarty allegedly accused them of endangering their 3-year-old by letting her play with raindrops? [Sun-Sentinel]
  • A Boynton Beach man is accused of using his gun to teach his cat about the folly of shitting in a man's bed. You may be shocked to learn that alcohol played a role. Will the NRA pay for his legal defense? [WPTV]

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