Morning Juice: Teen's Murderous Texts; Peeper Gets Pummeled

Let's see what's happening in our area this Friday morning;

  • Text messages from15-year-old Wayne Treacy have been made public. They're a chilling prelude to what happened the afternoon of March 17, when Treacy allegedly attacked Josie Lou Ratley, also 15, outside a Deerfield Beach school bus stop. [CBS4]
  • Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper has a major family drama on his hands. His daughter is accused by in-laws of collaborating with her husband to steal the family's fortune. Perper denies the in-laws' claims. [Daily Pulp]
  • A Fort Lauderdale cop appears likely to lose his job after allegedly buying drugs from a man who was working with police. [Miami Herald]
  • Broward Judge Dale Cohen lost his bid to dismiss a misconduct charge by the Judicial Qualifying Commission and now awaits a civil trial in September. Cohen is accused of using his position on the bench to chastise a political opponent of his wife, Mardi Ann Levy Cohen, who's a candidate for judge this fall. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • A 28-year-old man has been arrested after bringing a video camera onto the patio of the Coral Springs home of Ireneusz Fajkis, a Pembroke Pines firefighter. You can see from the mug shot that Fajkis gave the man a good ass-kicking before the cops arrived. [WSVN-7]
  • For the second time this year, West Palm Mayor Lois Frankel has made the news with her reckless driving. This time, a camera caught her taking an illegal right turn on red. She had been an opponent of installing traffic cameras. Don't you wonder if those police who are angry about the mayor's stinginess had a role in bringing this little news to light? []


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