Morning Juice: The 'Canes Get Help From a Slow-Moving Senior; Death Panels for Public Employees, Public Option

Back to work, wage slaves. But first, let's procrastinate by scanning the South Florida news.

  • There's Maalox-mashing in nearly every Broward city, but the pressure's most intense in Pembroke Pines, Davie, and Deerfield Beach, where Sun-Sentinel coverage shows commissioners slaughtering sacred cows by the herd.
  • There are only two firms bidding to design the new runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and one of them committed costly screw-ups on the taxiway in 2007. So either that contractor, CH2M Hill, has some highly persuasive lobbyists or the Broward County Commission will have to take a leap of faith with a Jacksonville-based firm. Anyone out there believe this won't end badly? [Sun-Sentinel]
  • In a Labor Day clash between two teams trying to return to national prominence, the U knocked off FSU in the kind of nail biter that's typical for this series. The victory is only slightly diminished by how much it owed to Bobby Bowden's clock management blunders and by the fact that the winning team gets only a silver metal for Sunshine State college supremacy, at least as long as Tebow's got a year of eligibility.
  • Obama plays quarterback in a political version of the two-minute drill, as he makes one last charge at health-care reform. Reminder: There are no death panels -- um, unless you're the public option.
  • A bleeding-heart liberal program that actually warrants attack (but maybe isn't emotionally charged enough to get it) is Section 8, which rewards lethargy, is rife with fraud, and is utterly devoid of enforcement, except for those who wander onto the turf of Palm Beach Sheriff's Deputy Michael Leatherman, who's made busting cheaters his personal mission. [Palm Beach Post]

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