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Morning Juice: Two Men From Broward With Radically Different Stories, Both Feeling Lucky

Today everybody will be talking about 9/11 -- because we haven't talked about it enough these past eight years. Screw that. Let's talk about the local news.

  • Congratulations to Sen. George LeMieux, a lesson to all you Broward schoolchildren that sometimes you only need one vote to win a major political office. And by way of a lesson to you attorneys looking for work with the state, LeMieux's law firm saw a big spike in state business in the year he left Crist's side and rejoined the firm. [AP]
  • "Mrs. Kralik, we meet again," declares vigilante reporter Jeff Weinsier from the shadows of a parking garage. With that, kindergarten teacher Alexandra Kralik gives a classic "Uh oh" expression, then goes scampering in the other direction, as Weinsier and his cameraman give chase. "Do you think it's OK to put your hands on children?" he asks Kralik's backside. She teaches at A.C. Perry Elementary in Miramar and is accused of yanking a student's arm. It is today's most viral TV news video. [WPLG]
  • It's the Broward County Commission's turn to get pilloried by employees and residents upset about budget cuts. But since the county vowed not to raise taxes, the cuts have to come in services. [CBS4]
  • Anthony Caravella was finally released after DNA evidence cleared him in a murder for which he served 26 years in prison. Heartbreaking article and video of Caravella, who wants a job. Economy be damned -- someone please give this poor guy a job. Society's got to start paying back its debt to him. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • More stomach-churning testimony -- and photographs -- yesterday at the murder trial of Toby and Kerstin Fenn, the couple accused of negligence in the death of Kerstin Fenn's mother, Elly Lorey. The medical examiner described in vivid detail how his study of Lorey's corpse led to his ruling of a homicide. [Palm Beach Post]

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