Morning Juice: Two Wives Murdered, Two Husbands in Jail

A look at what's happening in local news this Thursday morning:

  • Police believe they've solved the mystery of who killed Yvonne Oulton on Easter. Her husband, Robert Oulton, a prominent man in the local poker playing community, constructed an alibi that didn't jibe with surveillance videos, and he has been arrested and charged with beating her to death, then leaving her body in the couple's minivan. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Disturbing coincidence: A 41-year-old Coral Springs woman died in what appears to be the same manner as Yvonne Oulton -- blunt trauma -- and the victim's husband has been arrested following a sloppy cover-up. [Miami Herald]
  • Margaritaville won the vote of Hollywood Commission to develop a hotel on the Johnson Street property on the beach, beating out Planet Hollywood. [WPLG-10]
  • A Palm Beach County jury ruled that Luis Castillo should get life in prison rather than the death penalty following his conviction for murder in the 2007 holdup of a convenience store near Boynton Beach. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Plantation police say they have questioned a possible suspect in the killing of a Nova Southeastern University professor. Still no indication whether that professor, Joseph Morrissey, was targeted or the victim of a random crime. [CBS4]

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