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Morning Juice: Who Has the Balls to Make Tough Calls for School District?

On this Wednesday, a national story dominates the local headlines:

  • A chilling day of testimony in the Dunbar Village rape case, as the defendant who was 14 on the night of the crime takes the stand. Susan Spencer-Wendel reports in the Palm Beach Post that Avion Lawson showed no sign of remorse and by way of explanation said only, "I wasn't in my right state of mind." WPBF's Jim Abath has video of the testimony.
  • Oh hell, it isn't local, but everybody at the water cooler's going to be talking about the latest video from the story in Brevard County about the 15-year-old whose mother allegedly caught her working as a stripper. Yesterday a couple of TV news crews made the mistake of bringing cameras to the front porch, and grandma came out swinging a hoe. Not that TV media have been alone in this creepy bit of news exploitation. How long was the headline "teenage stripper" on the Sun-Sentinel's front page? It seemed like at least 48 hours, an uncommonly long time for an article that has no local angle but that is liable to land a great many Google hits.

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