Morning Kibble

-- Ralph de la Cruz does his obligatory "Life As A Movie Extra" column this morning, which contained one interesting piece of news: The film crew kicked Sun-Sentinel Managing Editor Sharon Rosenhause out of her office by the film crew, pissing her off.

-- Shaq threw down criticism on former teammates Ricky Davis and Chris Quinn. Davis I understand, since he's proven to be a dud. But Quinn? He's just a gym rat over-achiever who doesn't deserve the dis. Overall classless move by the big fella.

-- Wanted to throw down this story. I did a roundtable discussion for a group called West Boca Leaders yesterday morning at the Bagel Tree Restaurant and spoke about the falling newspaper biz and other topics. At one point, someone said they thought civility had been lost in politics. Used to be people on the opposite end of the political spectrum would go to one another funerals, they said. "That was just to make sure they were dead," quipped insurance salesman Jeff Schildkraut.

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