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-- In the latest outrageous bit of behavior from our delinquent Broward County Commission, there is a new plan afoot to gut the new ethics reform. The insidious plan (as it appears on the agenda): The commission will pass the ethics proposals put forth by the Broward County Ethics Commission as they are, as required by law, and then immediately vote on amendments that would exclude themselves and family members from having to follow some of them. Among them is the key provision to bar them and their relatives from lobbying in Broward County.

Broward Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, in a heated election battle with politician-lobbyist Steve Geller, blasted the move in a letter to her supporters this morning. Her campaign writes that the amendments would (and these are Gunzburger's words verbatim): 

- Totally kill the proposed ban on County Commissioners simultaneously collecting a public salary while also earning big bucks leveraging public office by serving as a paid lobbyist.

-- Totally exempt Commission spouses/domestic partners from the gift ban.

-- Exempt Commissioners, spouses/domestic partners, and Commission personal staff from most of the new ethics bans.

-- Exempt all current commissioners from complying with strictest parts of the proposed new Ethics Code.

Remember, this comes after the other insidious plan of the commission to try to get that part of the ethics plan declared unconstitutional blew up in their faces. Fingers will be pointed at County Attorney Jeffrey Newton, as they should, but understand that Newton is a tool. There are two commissioners who would benefit most by undoing the work of the Broward County Ethics Commission: Ilene Lieberman, who has lobbied in the past under the name Ilene Michelson, and Stacy Ritter, whose husband, Russell Klenet, is a lobbyist.  

All I have to say is, Mike Satz, hurry up and finish your job. If you have any commissioners on legal violations, it's not only your duty to bring charges at some point but to bring them as quickly and responsibly as possible so they don't continue to damage this county.

-- Remember Dr. Bill? That's Dr. Bill Mathis, the California psychologist that the Broward County School Board paid $50,000 to make sure Supt. Jim Notter's evaluation went smoothly. Well, it's worse than we thought. During the past few years, Dr. Bill has been paid more than $200,000 from taxpayers for his services for the School Board. 

--  I contacted Sgt. Rob Choquette at the Davie Police Department to ask about an update on the Jonathan "Ynot" Corso case. Nothing, he said. Det. Stokes is working the case, and nothing will be released until the investigation is completed. But we do have new details from Ynot's friends. This is the most enlightening post I've seen about Corso, from a blog called "Culture Kings."

Inside, read the account of what happened when Corso, a local graffiiti artist, was run down by a white Escalade during a fight in the Club Eden parking lot.  

Account from Culture Kings:

On Wednesday morning, July 28th, Ynot was celebrating his 21 birthday at Club Eden, a popular strip club in the Fort Lauderdale area. He was standing outside at 4am waiting for some friends when a group of men approached him and began to ridicule and taunt him. Each person in that group outsized Ynot and they only began to taunt him because they thought he was alone. Little did they know that our friends were just around the corner and were quickly coming to the aid of there little homie. A scuffle broke out and the group of guys, according to witnesses had obviously lost the fight. Instead of admitting defeat one of the men jumped into a white Cadillac Escalade and ran Ynot over then reversed direction to hit my friend Pucho. Pucho flew back 15 ft. before hitting the ground and blacking out while Ynot lay on the ground motionless. The driver, high on cocaine and alcohol then proceeded to circle around and intentionally run over Ynot's motionless body again...

None of the homies fighting alongside Ynot knew how badly injured he was until it was too late. The rest of the details are a bit hazy... Ynot was still breathing when the cops arrived. Quake, who had been fighting alongside Ynot stopped beating on the guy who he was fighting to attend to him and began to perform CPR. Everyone except Ynot was taken to the Police Station for questioning, unknown to his friends who were being held by authorities, Ynot was pronounced dead upon arrival at Broward General Hospital. He had just turned 21 years old, his newborn son Maximilion had just turned 5 months, and his last facebook update read "It's my birfday!" -  R.I.P Ynot

More coming.

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