Mother-Daughter Combo Beat Teenager With Baseball Bat, Slammed Her Puppy, Cops Say

A 15-year-old girl was beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed, and had her 8-week-old puppy slammed into the sidewalk in Oakland Park by a 46-year-old woman and her daughter, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Deputies arrested Naomie Jeanite and her 17-year-old daughter Tuesday after the alleged attack on the 15-year-old girl.

The cops say they showed up near the 400 block of NW 43rd Court in Oakland Park and allegedly saw Jeanite swinging a baseball bat at a group of four teenagers.

Deputies discovered that after the 15-year-old girl had already been slugged with the baseball bat, Jeanite's daughter allegedly stabbed the girl in the arm twice with a knife.

After the alleged stabbing, the cops say, Jeanite's daughter then picked up the girl's 8-week-old bulldog puppy mix and slammed it into the sidewalk.

The BSO says there has been an ongoing feud between the two families for quite some time that allegedly escalated into violence on Tuesday.

The 15-year-old girl was treated for her injuries at a nearby hospital and later released. The puppy was not seriously injured, police say.

Jeanite and her daughter both face charges of aggravated battery, and her daughter faces an additional charge of animal cruelty, according to the BSO.

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