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Motorcycle Lands on Top of Car and Explodes on I-95

A motorcycle racing on the northbound exit ramp of the I-595 interchange cleared the median on the highway, hurled over the embankment, and landed on top of a car traveling on I-95 below, erupting into a ball of fire.

Amazingly, all involved in the crash survived.

The insane flying motorcycle fiery ball of craziness happened on Monday night, just after the afternoon rush-hour crush before 7 p.m.

According to the FHP, the motorcycle, a 2004 Suzuki, was traveling up the State Road 84 exit ramp when the driver lost control.

Ricardo Lambert, 22, was thrown clear from the bike as he attempted a sharp left turn.

The Suzuki sped toward the wall, then flipped over the ramp and landed on a 1994 Nissan Sentra traveling below on I-95.

Both vehicles burst into flames, but, miraculously, the driver of the Nissan, 40-year-old Bret Krupnik, was able to escape without any life-threatening injuries.

Lambert was taken to Broward Health Medical Center and Krupnik, to Memorial Regional Hospital.

Meanwhile, northbound traffic was blocked for at least an hour as officials put out the fire and cleared the wreckage.

Both men are expected to be fine.

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